Our approach begins with listening.

We listen to learn all we can about your mission and goals, and seek to understand the unique value you bring to your clients or customers.

We then ask questions--questions about your target market, your ideal client, and why they should choose you over your competitors. We ask more questions; ones that enable us to address your specific needs and then we begin the process of designing a Digital Marketing Strategy just for you.

We take a close, in-depth look at the state of your current marketing profile and make sound recommendations about ways to move your business or professional practice toward greater success.

ALIVE Digital Marketing
The Question:
Why do some businesses succeed while others fail?
Why do some experience robust growth while others plateau?

The Reason: In most cases, there are only two reasons why businesses fail to thrive:

  1. Lack of capital, and/or
  2. Lack of knowledge

So, even if a business has enough initial funding and ongoing cash flow, without adequate marketing knowledge, it is doomed to stagnation at best or ultimate failure at worst. And it's a rare situation indeed that any small business owner or professional has the time or resources to develop enough up-to-date knowledge when it comes to marketing in today's highly competitive marketplace.

The Answer: As a business owner or professional, the best use of your time is perfecting your craft and providing a quality product or service, allowing our team of professionals to handle the time-intensive, complex task of marketing your product or service. It's simply working smarter, not harder.

Our Approach: Because no two businesses or professional practices are exactly the same, and the fact that media platforms and technologies are constantly changing, the ability to create and manage an effective marketing effort is more complex and difficult than ever. Even so, there are some basic marketing principles that never change, and those principles are the bedrock upon which we create precisely-tailored marketing programs and campaigns for our clients.

Simply put: We work at perfecting our craft—digital and traditional marketing—with the objective of making your business or practice more successful.

Our Approach is Holistic

  • Social media without a quality website makes no sense.
  • A quality website that no one can find is worthless.
  • Compelling content that no one knows about doesn't exist.
  • Focusing solely on digital and ignoring conventional media leaves major market segments on the table.

Get the picture? ALIVE Digital Marketing makes sure everything is top quality, in-sync, and fully accessed across a broad media spectrum so there are no gaps or  weak links and your message is heard loud-and-clear!

ALIVE Digital Marketing | Holistic Approach

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