We've all heard the phrase: "Content is King," but what does that mean?

It simply means that after someone finds your website, what's there determines what kind of experience they have.

Is it positive or negative? How long do they stay? What areas of your site do they visit most? Do they return, and if so, how often? And lastly, do their visits translate into some type of positive action, be it a sale or a recommendation or referral to someone else?

The content visitors and followers find on your website and social media is the ongoing conversation you have with the public.

You Are Your Content

To a very large extent, the quality of your content will go a long way in determining your success on the Internet.

Is it compelling, relevant and valuable to the site visitor? If so, they'll be back. If not...

This is the opportunity for your business to establish expertise and authority in your niche.

ALIVE Digital Marketing | Content Marketing Strategy

And, of course, it's your content that gets promoted via social media, that gets shared by your rabid fans,and that gets linked to by all those authoritative sites.

As there is no end to the Internet's thirst for content, there is no end to the forms this content can take: valuable tips, timely analysis, recent projects, subject curation, even info-graphics and video all qualify to bring relevant and useful information to your site visitors.

That said, there is a lot we can do to help because creating, developing, managing and marketing content is and has been one of the cornerstones of our business for many years.

ALIVE Digital Marketing | Content Marketing

ALIVE Knows Content

Our parent company, ALIVE Media, has been a leader in rich content creation and publishing for over ten years. We publish, produce and market books sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, and continually create and produce original content for both web and print.

Creating and managing extraordinary, "rich" content, and knowing how to use it to help your business, is one of the tools in our toolbox that separates ALIVE Digital Marketing from many other so-called digital or "inbound" marketing companies.