Marketing experts know: It's in THE LIST!

Quite simply THE LIST are those email subscribers who have opted in to your newsletter or blog and said, "Yes, I am interested in your goods or services and I give you permission to contact me."

What could be better than that?

While email may seem so "old-school" - or at least 2005 - it is quite simply far-and-away the most effective way in getting your message out.

Let's build your LIST!

Reaching Targeted, Interested Customers

Know, Like & Trust - these are generally acknowledged as the keys to building a successful business and with email marketing. If someone can say this about your business, you're halfway home.

Email respondents are potential clients or customers who are interested in what you have to offer - we just have to sustain that interest by providing compelling, relevant content on a consistent basis.

Moreover, we can segment your list so only those interested in "blue widgets" get the emails about... blue widgets.

ALIVE Digital Marketing | Email marketing

So while email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses and professionals... it must used properly.

Like all of the other components that comprise your marketing effort, it needs to include the right type of content, it must communicate effectively, and it must be executed in a coordinated way in order to be fruitful.

Not surprisingly, Email Marketing ties in closely with your Content Marketing strategy and is further promoted by Social Media, all of which point back to your Website.

We use the latest technology and best practices, and know how to use email for the greatest benefit in growing your business or practice.