Your website is the focal point of our entire digital maketing campaign.

As such, it must be attractive, intuitively functional, informative, relevant, and concise, with clear, compelling calls-to-action. 

Is that all? No pressure.

WordPress: The Platform of Choice

All our in-house web design is done in WordPress, fully customized to best suit your needs.

Already have a site on another platform? That's fine and we'll conduct a thorough audit to measure how it's currently performing.

It may be that we'll recommend transferring or rebuilding the site in WordPress but if you just love the current look: no worries, we should be able to emulate it almost pixel for pixel.

ALIVE Digital Marketing | WordPress web design
ALIVE Digital Marketing | Web design - mobile

Mobile: A Necessity

Mobile isn't just for ordering pizza anymore. These days Google considers mobile so important they maintain a separate ranking system specifically for smartphones.

All our sites are not only mobile-friendly, they maintain the look and feel of the desktop variety so visitors always feel at home.